Bird Introductions, Part 3

I had Digby and Lenore out together again yesterday. They acted better than they did the other night. I let them play on the "big" playgym (see this post). It's not really all that big, but it's big in comparison to their body size and Lenore's little playgym.

I wisely gave them two dishes of food. At first, they each ate at their separate dishes. Then Lenore noticed Digby eating at the top of the gym. He decided to go see her. He climbed up the rungs until he got to the part that was completely vertical and not at an angle. He couldn't quite figure out how to get up there. He watched her for a minute before deciding to return to his food dish.

Then Digby saw Lenore eating. She climbed down from her spot to him and his dish and started eating with him. They took turns picking up food. There was no beak grabbing or foot biting like the other night. Then Digby decided that she wanted to go back to her original spot, so she headed in that direction. Lenore followed her. It was very cute.


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