Digby likes...

Digby discovered something yesterday. She discovered that being petted is actually pretty awesome.

I had on the birds' favourite shirt yesterday. It has beads on the shoulders that they love to pull off. When I wear this shirt, I do not allow them on my shoulders because of this, but every now and then, they sneak to my shoulder or hop to it before I can stop them. This is exactly what Digby did yesterday. She was very distracted by the bead in her mouth, that I took the moment to pet her. She loved it.

I got her off my shoulder and put her back on her perch. I tried petting her again, thinking she wouldn't let me, but she did. She actually lowered her head so I could pet it and her neck.

(Very poor quality, but you get the picture.)

So far she'll only let me pet her. My mom (her second favourite person) can very briefly touch her beak, something that she has been letting me do for the past week. I think we'll eventually get to the point where my mom can pet her too. I'm just thrilled that she let me pet her. For now, that is good enough.

Currently, both birds are in my room. Lenore is in his cage and Digby is on her T-perch on the other side of the room. They're chirping back and forth. These two are so cute.


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