Introducing Pam

I've been wanting to get another guinea pig ever since Camo passed away last year. Prudence and Sadie seemed to miss having a third pig around. I was waiting for the right pig to come along. She finally appeared today.

This is Pam (after "Polythene Pam" by the Beatles). She is the sweetest little pig. Before we got her, my mom was holding her and she almost fell asleep while being held. While we were holding her, she was very friendly and curious. When my mom picked her up from the cage, she willingly came.

I held her in my lap on the way home rather than make her stay in her box (yeah, I know, bad me, having an animal on my lap in the car). This time, she DID fall asleep. She doesn't squirm when being held. She purrs and mutters when we pet her. Once we got home and I put her in her cage, I let her be for awhile. When I went back to check on her, she came to me rather than running from me. This little pig is definitely the sweetest guinea pig I've ever met, and I've met a ton of little guinea pigs.

She's under a month long quarantine before I introduce her to Sadie and Prudence.


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