Bird Introductions, Part 2

After allowing them to see each other and talk to each other quiet a bit from the safety of their cages, I decided to let Digby and Lenore meet each other tonight outside of their cages. I put a couple pieces of bird bread (which they have both decided is their absolute favourite food) out and let them both eat it.

They did pretty good together. There were a few times when one of them grabbed the other one's beak. They also took turns trying to getting the other bird's feet. There were a few squabbles, but for the most part they were good.

Digby kept stealing Lenore's food, once when it was hanging from his beak. At one point, Digby jumped off the table for some reason. Lenore followed her. Lenore very obviously likes Digby (I haven't seen anybody that Lenore doesn't like), but Digby seems to be a little unsure.

I think they will end up being fine with each other.


  1. HungryBird said...

    I think so too. A bit of squabbling over food is normal. Why do you think I serve my birds their food in dishes large enough for them to both be able to eat at different ends? It's even worse with dogs. My dogs would eat in the same room under my supervision without any trouble because they knew the deal but if anyone else was in charge of their feedings all hell would break loose and they would fight.

    I remember when I brought Iggy home for the first time and Squeaky was so excited. He was going crazy trying to go over and say hi and when they finally did end up meeting he was so sweet to her and she just ignored him. Their relationship is still made up of a lot of him trying to get her attention and affection and her pretending she doesn't like him.

  2. Winged said...

    Dogs behave much worse about food. Ricky is horrible about it. He's a little bit food aggressive. We've been working with him and he's better than he was.

    I knew to expect some squabbling. I had them out together yesterday and there was much less arguing. Lenore kept following Digby around. It was quite cute.

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