Update on Pam

Pam has been with us for three days now and she has been busy. Busy with what? Winning people over. She has won everybody over, from my a couple of my nephews to my dad. When I went over to my sister's house last night, my youngest nephew (four years old) asked me, "Why didn't you bring the giggy pig?"

But most of all, Pam has won me over. Okay, sure, she did that before we even got home with her, but she has just flat out stolen my heart. She comes when you open her cage, she cuddles when you hold her, and she is so curious and playful. I mentioned before how sweet she is, but let me reiterate. She is the sweetest pig ever.

I had forgotten how much fun baby guinea pigs are. She gets so excited about the silliest things--Oh! Look! I have food in my dish! Yum! I think I'll popcorn. *popcorns* Oh! Look! There is that silly cat looking in my cage again! I think I'll popcorn for her! *popcorns* Yum! That water from my water bottle sure tastes good! I'll popcorn because it's so good! *popcorns* (The aforementioned "silly cat" is Delilah of course. And for those of you living in guinea pig-less households, this is popcorning: video #1: watch the littler one, video #2--this little piggy needs a bigger cage though, video #3--watch the little one again.) 

Pam reminds me of my very first guinea pig, Babe. I was no more than nine when I had Babe, maybe even younger. He, like Pam, was a very sweet little pig. He loved to be held and played with and he loved his veggies! He looked very much like this pig. He died of heatstroke one year when our air conditioner died. He was the guinea pig that started it all.


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