The Zoo

(To be update with pictures soon.)

The Birds
Digby--My first lovebird. She is a female black masked lovebird. Her hatchdate is 20 April 2010; she came home late October 2010.

Lenore--My second lovebird. Lenore is a male black masked lovebird. His hatchdate is 28 October 2010; he came home 28 December 2010. He and Digby are a bonded pair.

Sydney--My third lovebird, and my first peach-faced lovebird. Sydney is a female. Her hatchdate and age is unknown. She came home April 2011, at which point she was at least three years old.

Irwin--My fourth lovebird and the baby of the flock. Irwin is a male peach-faced lovebird. His exact hatchdate is unknown. He came home 17 November 2011 when he was six months old.

The Dogs
Bella--My dog. Bella is a female German Shepherd. She was born 19 July 2004.

Ellie--One of my mom's dogs. Ellie is a female cockapoo. She was born August 2007 and came home October 2007.

Ricky--My little brother's dog. Ricky is a male Chihuahua. He was born ____ and came home ____.

Jax--My dad's dog. Jax is a male German Shepherd. He was born December 2008, and came home February 2009.

Maggie--One of my mom's dogs. Maggie is a female miniature Schnauzer. She was born ____ and came home ____.

The Cats
Shadow--My little brother's cat. She came home ____.

Delilah--My cat. She was born 30 March 2010, and came home at the beginning of May 2010.

The Other Animals
Prudence, Sadie, and Pam--the guinea pigs. Prudence is the oldest, Sadie is about six months younger than Prudence. Pam is the youngest of the three.

Bold Brush--My horse. Brush is a retired racehorse. His is thoroughbred gelding, born in 1997. I got him in May 2008.

Maxwell--He is a male bearded dragon. Came home April 2009.

Lucy and Jude--African sideneck turtles

Rocky--Yellow-bellied/red-eared slider