Going Organic

I'd really like to get the guinea pigs, Maxwell, and the birds on a completely organic diet, especially where their fresh food is concerned. I'm not as concerned about the pellets for the birds and the pigs. It would be nice to feed them organic pellets, but I've been lucky to get Digby to eat any pellets, and organic guinea pig pellets would cost twice as much as the pellets I already get them (and what they get now isn't the cheap stuff either).

So, I'm aiming to get all their fresh food to be organic. Once spring is here, I'll be able to plant a lot of stuff. In the meantime, though, I'm stuck buying stuff. Walmart has started carrying some organic produce, but if I want a big selection, I have to go to Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck).

I have to stop here for a minute and confess something: I love Whole Foods. Not only is the food good quality, it tastes good and you can always find some interesting stuff there. But, I have a couple problems with it. The first, most obvious problem is that it's expensive. The second problem is that it takes me half an hour to get there, so it's even more expensive to shop there. I live in the suburbs and the only Whole Foods in Louisville is on the east end of town. So, if we need to go to Whole Foods, we have usually combine it with another stop over there (like the Apple Store, World Market, or one of the two malls over there). Anyway, back to the topic at hand...

I'm currently making a shopping list of things to get next time I'm at Whole Foods. I'll be getting several different greens, some other veggies, and some fruit. So far the list is: lettuce, Swiss chard (I saw this there a couple weeks ago...so glad they have it...the pigs love it and so do I), bell peppers, maybe some hot peppers for the birds, apples, and possibly some strawberries.


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