I have several things going through my head right now that I want to do. Here's a list:

1. Clean, organize, and rearrange my bedroom. I went away to school last semester and the semester before, and came home on the weekends. During this year, my bedroom has gotten messy and lacks the organization I like. I got use to my dorm room being clean and neat and organized; I want my bedroom to be the same.

2. Redo the guinea pig cage (again). I would like to make it bigger, and I'd like to start using fleece instead of Carefresh for the bedding. I'd like to do this before Pam's quarantine is over. I may let the two events coincide--new big cage for the pigs the day Prudence and Sadie meet Pam.

3. Build a playgym for the birds. I'd like one that isn't a tabletop gym. I'm getting quite adept with making stuff with PVC pipes, so I'll probably use that. Alternatively, I may just build a stand for the big playgym I have.

4. New tank for Maxwell. He has outgrown his current one.


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