Craigslist Finding

I meant to put this in my last post, but forgot to.

I've been searching Craigslist for the past few weeks for a cage. This week, I came across this:

 (photo from the Drs. Foster and Smith website)

The seller wanted $50 for it which is how much it costs new from Drs. Foster and Smith. But, then they lowered it to $20. I didn't contact them because they were 45 minutes from me in a suburb on the other side of town. Then they lowered it to $10 and I decided I'd get it, but before I could email them, they lowered it to $5! I sent them an email and they were planning on coming into town the next day and they would bring it for me.

So I met with them yesterday and got it. It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be, and it's missing a dish. I bleached it yesterday, but I'm going to to clean it more before I let the birds on it. I can't believe I got it for so cheap. I hope the birds like it.


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