First Seeds

I planted my first seeds of the season yesterday. I started my collard seeds and my Swiss chard seeds. I won't bore you with pictures of dirt with nothing growing in it.

Next week, I'll start some peppers.

I found this really helpful website that tells you went to start seeds inside and when to transplant them. It also has a tool that lets you plug in your last and first frost dates and it tells you what you should be starting inside or outside, what you should be hardening off, and what you should be transplanting. According to it, I should start collards and Chinese cabbage (bok choy) inside this week, and I should have already started broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, head lettuce, parsley, and onion seeds last week. None of those were things I was planning on growing, except maybe broccoli and some head lettuce. The website is here:


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