White Shirts and Nutri-berries

I offered Digby some Nutri-berries and some pellets today. I've been trying to get him to eat these for months, but he has always refused to even touch them. So today, I made Digby think I ate both of them. He picked up a pellet in his mouth and then dropped it. He tried this with several pellets, but didn't eat any of them. I'm happy he tasted them though, so I won't try to make him eat anymore pellets until the Roudybush I ordered for Lenore gets here.

But, when I did the same with the Nutri-berries, Digby ate an entire piece. I'm beginning to think he'll taste whatever I offer him now, and I'm anxious to try all sorts of things.

I discovered something new about Digby today--he doesn't like white shirts. I wore a white, long sleeved shirt. He refused and refused to step up. Finally, I figured it might be the colour of the shirt, so I changed into a purple shirt and he stepped up very quickly. I'm not letting him get away with this. I'll be starting a collection of long sleeved grey shirts, ranging from dark to lighter to almost white. He also has to get over his fear of step up on my skin. He has until the weather warms up and I start wearing short sleeves again to do that.


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