I've been sick the past couple days and it's driving me mad. I hate laying around and doing nothing. I've also been trying to avoid contact with the birds and Lenore is not happy about it. He's used to me getting him out at least twice a day and he doesn't like being left in his cage.

Digby isn't as unhappy. She wants out of her cage everyday, but I've still been able to get her out because I can get her out of her cage and onto her perch without handling her at all. She'll step up onto a ladder to get out of her cage, and she'll go from the ladder to her perch. Once there, she is content to just sit, watch me, and sing.

Lenore, on the other hand, will not stay on the perch, nor will he stay on the table top playgym he has. He wants to held and petted and he wants scritches. He wants to be loved on.

I'm sick of being sick.


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