I Want Spring!

The past couple days, we've had temperatures in the 60s (yesterday it was 68 degrees!) here in Kentucky. The weather was so nice yesterday (until it rained, that is) that I really, really want spring to hurry up and get here. I've been saying I was sick of winter since 21 December, the first official day of winter, and before that, I was saying I was sick of the cold.

I want spring to get here so that I can plants some pretty flowers again and so that I can open the windows. I want to be able to put my car's convertible top down (I almost did that yesterday, but the car needed to be washed more than I needed to drive with the top down) and I want to be able to take the guinea pigs and my bearded dragon outside. I want sunshine and fresh air, green grass and blue skies.

Of course, once spring ends, we get Kentucky's brutal summer. If we could just skip summer and winter, I'd be so happy. Spring and fall are my favourite seasons.


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