New Foods

The birds tried lots of new foods today.

First, they tried dried hot peppers. Digby first tried the seeds and loved them. She played with the pepper a little, but didn't seem too interested in the pepper itself. I then gave Lenore one. He loved them. I gave him one while I had him out and he ate most of it. When I put him back in his cage, I decided to give him another pepper. He attacked it!

Then, while I was making some fruit salad for dinner, I had Digby out of her cage. I put her on her perch and gave her little pieces of all the fruit. Our salad had nectarines, mango, cherries, and starfruit. It was also supposed to have plums, but the plums didn't taste very good (to us humans). Lenore got some after dinner. Here's the verdicts:

Cherries: Both birds really liked the cherries. Digby liked them more than Lenore.
Mango: Digby was too interested in the other fruit to try them. Lenore tried it, but preferred the other fruits.
Nectarines: Both of them liked the nectarines, even though they didn't taste the best they could.
Starfruit: Lenore loved the starfruit. Digby ignored it.
Plums: Digby loved the plums even though us humans didn't think they were very good. Lenore didn't get any.

Lenore got to socialize with some other family members that were here. The little kids (two of my nephews and one of my nieces, all three under 5) really like the birds. I allow them pet Lenore on his back if they use one finger and are gentle. The three of them do good with Lenore and Lenore liked the extra attention. He showed off for my brother and sister-in-law that were over. He's such a cutie.


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