My City and My Farm

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with my pets or animals in anyway, but I must share my obsession with this new game. Feel free to skip this post if you wish.

Everybody who regularly uses Facebook knows about Farmville, even if they don't play it. The company that makes Farmville, Zynga, has several other games, most of of which I've played.

I've been playing Farmville for a while, but never consistently. I'll play for a week or two and then spend a month away from it. I do the same with most of Zynga's other games. All except their newest one.

Cityville has become my latest online obsession. Unlike Farmville, I can play Cityville for hours (no joke). It's also challenging enough to be fun, but not too challenging that it's very difficult to play. At first, I didn't get really into it. But by my third night playing, I couldn't put it away. It's an addiction!

My city, Greenville, is flourishing. At level 39, it is a "swell city" and in the running for the new capital city. It has a population of 2,250, and the city has funds of 262,248 coins. The cities major industries are shipping (by ship) and agriculture (the main crops being carrots, strawberries, and eggplants). It also has a fair number of bakeries, fast food restaurants, and toy stores. It's the home to two museums and big enough to warrant two emergency clinics.

Meanwhile, my farm is sad and lonely. The crops in the field have withered and died. The feed trough is empty, and the animals are more than ready to give me eggs, fur, and milk. The trees are filled with fruit. I've left the rural life behind and moved into the city.


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