Just Call Me the Bird Charmer

This evening before dinner we stopped at a local pet store to get some guinea pig food. I walked back to the bird section because I was looking for a tabletop gym-thing for Lenore (they didn't have one). I got distracted by the cockatiels. This store has their 'tiels and their budgies in big, open cages. It's set up in such a way that you can, bird willing, pick up the birds without opening a cage. The birds have their wings clipped so they can't fly away.

So, I was looking at the cockatiels, and was resting my hands on the side of the enclosure. A couple of the birds caught sight of my ring and came over to me. They climbed on top of their perches to get close. I moved my hand closer and they started playing with my ring. Then all but one came over. One acted more interested in my sweater than my ring. He was also staying further down than the other birds, so I lowered my arm so he could reach better. He stopped playing with my sweater and hopped up onto my arm. I then offered him my hand, and he sat on my hand. He jumped down, but got back up a few minutes later. He did this about three times. It was so cute. :)


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