Death Wish

Both of my birds seem to have a death wish. They don't understand that the cats could (and in Shadow's case, would) kill them given the chance.

Delilah is fascinated by the birds. She likes to get close to them. She also likes to try to pat them. Lenore has, on more than one occasion, bit Delilah when she got too close.

I thought this was just Lenore's I'm-not-afraid-of-anything attitude, but it seems Digby isn't afraid of the cats either. The other day Digby was on my shoulder. I picked Shadow up to put her in another room and Digby attempted to walk down my arm to Shadow. I stopped her.

Today, TinTin was on the bed and Digby was on my shoulder. Digby hopped onto the bed and walked straight to TinTin. I put my hand on TinTin to stop him if necessary and I watched Digby. She walked straight to his face and bit his whiskers. She didn't stop there. She walked to his foot and bit that too. That was when I picked her up. I put my arm out to pet TinTin and Digby started to walk down it to TinTin, totally unafraid of the cat.

These birds are crazy!


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