How to Keep a Cat off the Bird Cage

Delilah hasn't gotten on Lenore's cage since yesterday morning, and I put away the squirt bottle.

How did I do it?

First, I blocked her ability to go up beside the cage by putting some bird toys and various other things there. I thought that would be enough since that was the way she was getting up there. After I did that, though, she decided that she could jump straight from the floor onto the top of Lenore's cage.

To keep her from doing that was quite easy. I took a big, but not thick, hardcover book. I put it on top of Lenore's cage and left about 2 inches hanging over the front. Delilah has tried once to jump up there with the book there. The only time she did, she fell to the ground, knocked the book off the cage, and ran and hid. She's yet to try it again.


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