The spring semester of school starts tomorrow. I'm no longer going to the school I was going to last semester. I'll be living at home, which I'm really happy about, but there will be many things about the other school I will miss.

My classes this semester are pretty varied, and I have only one biology class. And I'm not in the lab at all, which really disappoints me. I love working in the lab. *Sigh.* Anyway, my classes this semester are Spanish I, an art history class, and astrobiology. I'm also going to add a computer class, intro to computers. I'm most excited about the astrobiology class. The course description says, "Examines topics related to the origins of planets, the requirements for life, the search for life away from Earth, the societal implications of discovering other forms of life, and the future of life on Earth and in space from a multidisciplinary perspective." It will be a very interesting class. This semester should be pretty easy, especially compared to last semester when I had general zoology, microbiology, chemistry, and physics, all of which had labs (for a total of 18 credit hours!).


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