Bad Cat!

Digby and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch. Digby was on the playgym, stealing a few bites of my rice and eating the lettuce I gave her. Before I got Digby out, I looked around for Shadow because she is always too interested in the birds. She was upstairs.

But, in the blink of an eye (and I really mean that's how fast it happened), Shadow jumped onto the kitchen table, Digby flew to the floor, and Shadow got on the chair, ready to get Digby. I grabbed Shadow by the scruff of the neck--the only part of her I could grab quickly. I looked down at Digby just long enough to register that she was alive, and I threw Shadow outside.

I picked Digby up and gave her a quick check. She looked okay, just shook up, so I put her on my shoulder to calm down. She's fine now, and being her usual self.

Shadow is at the back door, meowing and begging to be let in.

My heart is still racing. I'm really thankful Digby is okay. I'll have to be more careful and watch for Shadow to come in when I have the birds out.


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