The Birds Tonight

I got a sample of Harrison's bird pellets in the mail today. I offered some to both Lenore and Digby. Both ate one pellet each when I gave it to them. Digby mostly just threw the pellets on the floor. Lenore was too distracted by other things to be interested.

I also cooked some rice for the birds today. Digby was just kind of indifferent. I've given her rice once before, and she wasn't too interested then either. Lenore liked it though, and dove into the food before I even got it in his cage.

When I was cooking the rice, I had Digby out. I had her sitting on her T-perch in the kitchen, and she was just watching me. When I got within a foot of her perch, she started bobbing up and down, so I put my arm out and she jumped right up and gave me a little chirp. She's really getting to be pretty friendly (in comparison to when I got her).

I should also say that when I had him out tonight, Lenore did not bite me!


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