What is on Prudence's Eye? Update

The vet doesn't know what is on Prudence's eye. He gave the nonspecific answer of a "tumor", which could mean practically anything, but he also said it could be simply swelling from getting something stuck in her eye. He wanted to do surgery to remove and biopsy the growth to determine what exactly it was and whether it was benign or malignant; we declined, asking for a more conservative treatment first.

He did an eye stain to look for any scratches, but he did not see any. He was able to examine it pretty well while I held her. The growth is on the conjunctiva (I think that's what he said) and is barely hanging on. He prescribed Dexamethasone eye drops three times a day for seven days. He wants to see her back in seven days. Our hope is that, given how small the piece is that is hanging on, it will fall off on its own.

I didn't realise before this vet visit how much Prudence truly trusts me. After the vet held her to examine her eye and put her back down, she immediately ran over to my hand and nudged it until I picked her up. When the vet examined her eye a second time, I held her and she held much more still and cooperated much better. Don't tell Sadie, but Prudence has always been my favourite, though Pam is threatening her position. ;)


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