Good Night

Everybody is tucked into bed.

The dogs are all in their crates for tonight. Prudence has had her eye drops and some cuddles and is now back in her cage with Sadie. Pam, too, is in her cage after her nightly cuddles. They all have full bellies after a dinner consisting of only pellets and hay (oops! I ran out of lettuce, their usual dinner). Maxwell is asleep in his cage, sleeping in one of his normal dead-looking position. Digby's cage is covered even though she wasn't ready to go to bed. Lenore's cage is also covered; he was ready for bed when I covered him and now I can hear him grinding his beak. Even the crazy cat Delilah is curled up, nearly asleep.

It's a peaceful feeling knowing that everybody is safe, well, and well-fed. 


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