Talking Lovebirds

I know lovebirds don't normally talk. When I got Digby, that was not something I even considered. Yes, I would love to have a bird that talks, but that wasn't even part of my criteria when I got Digby. But Digby has surprised me.

We are convinced that Digby is trying to talk and mimic sounds. A couple weeks ago, the dogs were barking and I heard a noise coming from the living room where Digby's cage is. It was Digby, and it certainly sounded like she was trying to bark. I thought, "Aww, that's cute," and didn't think much more.

This week, while I was at school, my mom was in the kitchen and Digby kept "talking" to her in her normal manner, her little chirps and sounds. But when she wasn't getting the attention she wanted, she changed her sounds and made a two syllable word that sounded a bit like, "Duh-duh." I can't help but wonder if she was trying to say, "Digby".

While Googling talking lovebirds (for the thousandth time since I got Digby), I found these videos:
Very cute lovebird talking:
One of my favourite lovebird videos, I love the quaker and the lovebird together: (there are a ton of videos of these two together--I love them)


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