Some New Pictures

I have some new pictures I thought I would share.

Digby being a pretty girl.

Lenore eating his favourite food--bird bread--and making a mess.

Sadie and Prudence with bows in their hair. 

Sadie is a cutie.

And pretty girl Prudence.


  1. HungryBird said...

    Those poor, poor guinea pigs! I used to have two rabbits and they were really wonderful pets, very affectionate and great companions. We did some research and found out their brains are the size of a thimble so we began calling all rabbits thimble-brains. I love Sadie's coarse fur, it makes her look like a coyote.

  2. BethySue said...

    Oh, I know. They are so abused. They only get fresh veggies twice a day and not thrice a day like they want. And they don't get an endless supply of pellets. And they live in a cage, not a room like they've seen some piggies living in online. And they have to wear bows!

    I've always wanted a rabbit, and I've always been told no.

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