My Safe Bird Store Order

I made an order at My Safe Bird Store last Thursday. It got here very fast--on Saturday.

A peek inside the box. Pretty tissue paper. I love paisley things.
I was pretty excited about this order. It was my first time ordering bird things online (other than food). I ordered some toys and some new pellets, Totally Organic Pellets.

Everything is wrapped up so pretty. And look! I see freebies!

I loved how the things were wrapped up. I also got a small bag of some free toy parts!

I got a one pound bag of Totally Organic Pellets, a foot toy for Lenore, 10 finger traps for Lenore, a long, shreddy type toy for Digby, and two little boxes stuffed with shredded paper, one for each bird. In the bag of free toy parts there were two pieces of wood (and they were lovebird sized!), a piece of leather cord, two plastic pacifiers, and two natural type of bird toy parts (I'm not sure what they are).

Lenore got to work playing with the foot toy right away, but was distracted when he saw a finger trap. He ran to the finger trap and started attacking it. The finger traps are his favourite. Digby hasn't gotten her new toys yet because she got a new toy the day before the box came.

I'm very happy with this order and plan to order more stuff soon!

The Totally Organic Pellets will get its own post.


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