Digby Cut Her Foot

This afternoon, Digby somehow cut her foot. I saw that she was sitting on the floor of her cage. I thought maybe she had dropped a piece of food and was trying to get it, so I went to her cage to check on her. It was then that I saw she had some blood on her beak. I quickly glanced around the cage and saw blood on nearly every perch.

I quickly got her out. I had to towel her to get her out because she did not want to come out. I looked her over and saw that it was her foot that was bleeding. The bleeding seemed to have already stopped. I kept an eye on her and had the travel cage ready just in case. I made a quick post on Avian Avenue (thanks to everybody who helped!).

I cleaned up the cut. She is moving her toes fine and the wound doesn't look horrible. I put cayenne pepper on the wound (it works to stop bleeding, prevent infection, and relieve pain) and set Digby up in a hospital tank. She's currently perched on her food dish, half asleep.


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