Totally Organics Pellets

I finally got around to getting new pellets for the birds. Our first bag of Totally Organics Pellets came Saturday morning.

Lenore took to them right away and happily ate them with no encouragement needed.

Digby, on the other hand, did not want to eat them. I tried my old trick of making it look like I was eating them. It didn't work. I tried to give them to her while I ate breakfast. That didn't work either. I tried sticking some in her bird bread. No luck doing that. Finally, I had an idea.

I got both the birds out and put them on the kitchen table and gave them their food dishes, freshly filled with half pellets and half veggies. Lenore dug into his food like always, and Digby hopped up onto Lenore's dish. After a few minutes of watching him and playing with him, she bravely picked up a pellet from the table and started munching. She ate and ate the pellets, and then she spotted the veggies in Lenore's dish and started eating that too, better than she normally would. Apparently, food tastes better if it's in Lenore's dish.

The birds like the pellets just fine, but I could like them better (I don't mean the taste!). The pellets are very soft and crumble easily, leaving a lot of pellet dust in the food dishes at the end of the day. It seems like there is a lot of waste. The birds leave more crumbs with these pellets than they did with the Roudybush pellets. I'm considering saving the crumbs and mixing them into the bird bread so there is less waste.

As of right now, I like the pellets well enough that I'll be keep the birds on them for a while at least. I really like the ingredients in these pellets and the birds seem to like them well enough.


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