Sometimes, it feels like my pets are neglected.

I see threads on forums like this one or this one, and I think, "My piggies' cage isn't even half as big as that one," or even, "Those pigs aren't even in a cage!"

Or I see other threads like this, or this, and I think, "Digby and Lenore don't get that huge variety of fruits and vegetables those birds get," or "My birds don't have their own room!"

But, then, things must be put in perspective. Many, many pets aren't kept in as nice of conditions as mine, or fed as good of a diet as mine get.

My guinea pigs aren't kept in a store bought cage (except Pam's temporary, quarantine cage that she has been in longer than planned because of Sadie's and Prudence's eye infection). I made them a cage, and I'm going to make that cage bigger. And their cage gets cleaned daily (or, once in a while, every other day) and they have nice, soft fleece to sleep. They get fresh veggies everyday, lots of hay, and good pellets.

And my birds don't get as much of a variety of foods in their diet simply because they refuse so many foods. And they don't need a super big cage, their cages are adequate for the time being. They have lots of toys and get lots of attention and love. I cook food for them, chop vegetables for them, and make things for them.

None of my animals are really neglected--they all have really good lives. I'm just not as crazy as some people out there. ;)

(Also, I'd like to mention that I have nothing against the people who do provide their pets with gigantic cages or their own rooms, or anything else I've mentioned. I applaud them for going above and beyond what they need to do.)


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