Two Celebrations for Digby Today

Today is Digby's first hatchday and it also marks six months that she's been home.

Digby has come a really long way in the six months she's been with us. When we brought her home, she was on an all seed diet and didn't want us to touch her at all. She didn't want to come out of her cage and she didn't want us to get too close. She was handraised as a baby, but forgot just how much she liked humans.

She will now eat nearly anything I give her, and she will always try something I offer her. She always wants to be on me and loves it when I give her scritches. She still won't step up onto my hand or my arm unless I have a long sleeved shirt on, but we're slowly getting there. Once in a while, she will climb on my bare arm. Just the other day, she landed on my arm.

She's still learning to let other people pet her. On most days, my mom can pet her tail and touch her beak. On particularly good days, other people can pet her. But I am the only one ever who can give her scritches.


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