It's Obvious That...

...Digby is the boss.

Digby is still in the hospital tank I've been keeping her in. I put it in my bedroom where Lenore's cage normally is. Lenore's cage is currently in the living room where Digby's cage goes. Digby's empty cage is also in the living room.

I had Lenore out and was playing with him in the living room. I opened Digby's cage door and put Lenore on it to see what he would do. He just sat there, looking at me. After a minute, he spotted a fun looking toy and started to go in the cage, but stopped and just stood there. It was as though he thought Digby would come and get after him if he went in her cage even though she wasn't in the room.

On the other hand, Digby will waste no time going into Lenore's cage if the door is open. It is probably a good thing that Lenore won't go in Digby's cage. From what I understand, female lovebirds are much more territorial than male lovebirds.


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