Goofy Dog

My dog is goofy. When I fed Bella this evening, she went to her food dish, picked it up, carried it five feet to in front of her dog house, set it down and started eating. She did all of this without spilling more than ten pieces of food. I'm impressed that she did that, but I have no idea WHY she did it.

Perhaps she wanted it close to her dog house in case it started to rain while she was outside. I don't blame her for that; we've had an unbelievable amount of rain over the past week. Or, maybe she moved it so she could see Jax while she was eating. The area where their pens are in the yard allows for part of Bella's pen to be out of site of Jax's pen. This is where I normally feed her. Maybe she feels the need to keep an eye on Jax while they're eating.

This really made me think, though. I constantly find her food dish by her dog house. I've always assumed she just played with it AFTER she ate. Never did I think she was moving it to a preferred dining spot.


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