Noise Level After Adding One Bird

When I got Sydney, I thought, it'll be no big deal adding another lovebird. Same food, same toys, maybe a little bit more volume, but no biggie.

Boy, was I wrong.

I really didn't think that adding one more small bird would increase the noise level very much. I thought at most it would double. No, it didn't. It's more like the noise quadrupled or maybe even quintupled.

Sydney is LOUD. Digby and Lenore put together aren't as loud as her. She is loud and she chirps a lot. Lenore can hear her in the other room and this makes him louder. The two talk back and forth nearly all day. When Digby is on the same floor, she joins in too. And when Sydney is being particularly loud, Digby can hear her from my bedroom in the basement and will chirp back.

Do I regret my decision to add another bird? No, not at all. Sydney needed a home. So what if she adds to the noise? She's not screaming all day long, and her chirps sound pretty musical. She is cute and funny.


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