Higgins Worldly Cuisine

(This post is a couple weeks old. I just forgot to publish it.)

I saw a post on HungryBird about this food and thought it looked like something the birds might like. I started reading about it other places and found it was something I'd be willing to feed them, so I decided to buy some and try it.

There are eight different foods in this line--African Sunset, Creamy Zen, Inca Bean Salad, Moroccan Cafe, Mundo Brazil, Passage to India, Spice Market, and Tuscan Dream. African Sunset and Inca Bean Salad both have quinoa. Creamy Zen, Mundo Brazil, Moroccan Cafe, and Passage to India all have basmati rice. Tuscan Dream and Spice Market both have couscous.

I decided to get the birds the African Sunset food for two reasons. One, because I know they love quinoa. Two, because lovebirds are from Africa (not that that really matters--none of the ingredients originated in Africa). I cooked up half of it, added some red palm oil, and served it to the birds. Digby and Lenore both love it. I tasted it and it tastes pretty good, but I didn't get it cooked quite all the way.

I think next time I'll get the birds Moroccan Cafe, mostly because I've been dying for some Moroccan food myself. Or maybe the Tuscan Dream. I think the birds would like couscous.


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