Digby's Vet Visit

Digby had her vet visit today. It went well. The vet is hoping that the cuts were caused by the new pedicure perch that had been in her cage for a couple of weeks. She prescribed an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. If Digby does not improve, or improves but it happens again, then we'll look at other, non-environmental causes.

She had a vet tech go over husbandry and diet. We talked for just a couple minutes until it became apparent to the vet tech that "you guys know what you're doing." Her only possible concern was the perch that was a stick from our apple tree. She was concerned about possible pesticides until we pointed out that the apple tree is on our property and has never been sprayed in the time we've lived here (13+ years). It was at that point she complimented us and told us we had things under control.

The vet said that other than her feet, Digby looks good. Her feathers look good, her weight is good, and she looks to be in overall good health (again, other than her feet). We were given Baytril (apple flavored for Miss Picky Pants...we got to pick the flavor because we had to take a pill to a nearby pharmacy to get compounded) and Metacam, both twice daily. We've already given Dig one dose of Metacam and will start the Baytril this evening so that we can space it out evenly.

Digby did really good at the vet's office. She didn't try to bite the vet at all and the vet tech told us she was a really nice lovebird. Everybody said she was very pretty.


  1. I'm glad the visit went well. That's strange that the cuts were caused by a perch. Do you mind me asking what kind? I don't have any pedicure perches but it's good to know in case I ever get one.

    It's so nice to have the vet staff compliment you on your pet! One vet tech that I really liked told me she had never seen such a well behaved dog. I laughed and told her she must have replaced my Eskie with another one. She was impressed because he would go in the direction she told him to and would sit when she told him to. People always think he is well behaved and he is always happy to prove them wrong!

  2. BethySue said...

    I don't remember the brand of the perch. I can check next time I'm at the store where I got it. It was a fairly rough one. I didn't like it well, but my choices were limited. I have since read about ones that are smooth on the top and rough on the side. I might be getting one of those or one of the flagstone perches.

    I was very happy they thought she was nice. She has a bit of a reputation of being mean. She's not mean at all, just shy and picky about who she lets mess with her. It's funny that your dog behaves better for the vet than for you--Bella always behaves better at the vet's office than at home.

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