Another Digby Update

Digby seems to be slowly starting to feel better. Last night she started putting a tiny bit of weight on her right foot. She's also playing more than she had been and sleeping less. I moved her back to her cage and to the same room as Lenore, and she is quite happy about that.

Earlier this week, I noticed that the skin on her "elbow" on her left leg was starting to get worn from her laying down on it. It was causing me to worry a little bit, so I started putting the vitamin E oil there too, and decided it was time for her to go back to her cage. Within two days of doing those things, her "elbow" looks normal.

One thing that does have me a little worried is the amount that she's preening. She seems to be preening more than usual. There are two reasons this could be, and I don't know which it is. The first is that she has been molting, but I think she is basically done now. The second possible reason is that her feet hurting have made her stressed and she preening extra because of that. Hopefully, what ever the reason, she'll get over it soon.


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