A Stroke of Genius

Okay, so remember my post from yesterday, the one about the sweet potato-quinoa mix? Remember how I said it wasn't really a stroke of genius, just a good idea?

I WAS WRONG. It was a stroke of genius. Want proof?

That, my friends, is not Lenore's dish. He is the only bird who eats all his food most of the time. It is not Digby's dish either, even though she sometimes eats most of her food.

This is one of Sydney's dishes. Earlier in the day, it had the same sweet potato-quinoa mix that I blogged about yesterday, with some seed added. Sydney, a.k.a. a big time seed junkie, ate almost all of her food, leaving just a couple of half eaten pieces of Kamut and a lentil. This means she ate not only the seeds I mixed in, but she also ate all the quinoa. She ate all the collard greens, all the green bell pepper, all the squash, all the jalapeno pepper, and all the sweet potato. She ate almost all the Kamut. She even ate nearly all of the lentils, which Digby and Lenore have been leaving behind.

I am so excited about this! Sydney has refused so many foods. But for some reason, she ate this brand new food today and she ate all of it! *Does a happy dance.*


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