Dream Birds, Revisited

Remember this post, the one where I listed four birds that I would love to have? After some more thought and reading, I think I now have a better idea of what I want. So, here's the dream bird list revisited.

#1 is (still) an African grey. This isn't going to change. This is still my number one dream bird, the bird I know I will someday have.

The rest of the list has changed completely. Yes, I would still love to have a quaker, a cockatiel, and a white bellied caique, but I've decided that those aren't my what I envision my dream flock consisting of. So...

#'s 2 through 7, in no particular order at all, are any of the six commonly kept species of the Poicephalus genus (not including the Niam-Niam, Yellow Fronted, or Rüppell's). I want a brown-headed, a Senegal, a Meyer's, a Jardine, a Cape, or a red-bellied; right now, I don't know which one. I mentioned in that previous dream bird post that I was "this close" to getting a brown-headed parrot. Ever since I had that opportunity, I can't stop thinking about any of the Poicephalus parrots. I read about them a lot and I'm having trouble liking just one of them.

I don't plan on getting another bird until after I get my bachelor's degree. I'm pretty sure it will be a poicephalus. I just don't know which one.


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