My Little Mimic

I know a lot of lovebirds don't talk or mimic, but Digby is well on her way to doing just that. She barks when the dogs bark. It is high pitched and a bit squeaky, but it is obvious that is what she is doing. She's done this for a couple of months, and I just can't get a video of her doing it. It is super cute when she does it though.

There is also a word that she says. At least, I'm pretty convinced it's a word she's trying to say. It's a two syllable sound with the emphasis on the second syllable. I think she's trying to say "Digby". She will sometimes do this sound whenever we say her name.

She also sometimes just plain copies sounds or noises. She can't do it perfectly, but she tries. Often, she gets the infliction perfectly, but the sound itself isn't quite right. Last week, Shadow was intently staring at Digby's cage so I said, "Get!" Immediately after I said, Digby made this short noise that sounded like she was trying to say "get". Last night, we were watching a bird video on YouTube, and she copied a noise that the bird made. Tonight, I was making a kissy noise at her and she was making a similar noise back at me.

I really think she is trying to talk and mimic sounds. I need to get a video of her doing these things, but of course she doesn't do them whenever I have a camera ready.


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