A Little Bummed

I'm going to New Jersey and New York with a few friends in August. I'm pretty excited about going. I've been wanting to do a road trip for a while. My best friend and I are going up to New Jersey and meeting with a couple of friends from school. We'll be going to Six Flags and a couple other places, and we'll be spending a day in New York. We might also make a detour to Washington, DC on our way up there.

I'm not big into shopping, but my friend is. So, while we're in NYC, we'll be shopping (boring...) and there is one store I want to go to. That store is Fauna. Fauna is a pet store that has a ton of bird stuff and saltwater fish stuff (my two loves when it comes to animals). HungryBird did a virtual tour on her blog back in March and I've wanted to go ever since. I causally mentioned this store yesterday and my dear friend looked at me like crazy. *sigh* She just doesn't understand.


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