Lots of New Bird Stuff

In the past week I've been making a lot of bird stuff. It started with the storms that came through here the week before last and knocked off some branches from our apple tree. I decided I'd make perches since the birds, especially Sydney, need more perches.

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So far, I've only given some to Sydney. She really likes them. Which is awesome because she hardly likes anything.

Then the broken branches gave the inspiration to make a hanging playgym-thing for Digby. I thought the idea was a good one, but was fairly sure she'd be afraid of it. She's not. She loves it! I'm planning on adding a couple toys to it as well.

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I also have been wanting an orbit or atom or oddball or something like that. I saw a post on Avian Avenue about making one with instructions. I borrowed the idea, using the directions, but I used jute instead of cotton rope. None of the birds have gotten a chance to use it yet.

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From the orbit, I got the idea to make a swing for Sydney. I think this is my favourite thing I made. She hates it, of course, but it's staying in her cage because I really like it. Sydney will just have to deal with it.

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After I finished my orbit, I decided to make a quick, simple toy. It is just very simple and will probably be destroyed within two or three days when I give it to Lenore.

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I also have one more thing in the works. It's pretty big and I'm really excited about it. Now, if I could just find the drill bit I need...


  1. HungryBird said...

    Hm I thought I left a comment here but I must have deleted it. Just wanted to say that I live those toys and perches. You should teach me how to make perches!!! That swing is really nice, it looks very professional.

  2. BethySue said...

    Thank you for the compliments. :) The perches are pretty easy to make. There are directions here: http://www.mdvaden.com/bird_perches.shtml and here: http://www.ehow.com/how_5060903_build-bird-perches.html Next time I make perches (won't be long because I still have a ton of wood I can use) I'll take some pictures and post a little tutorial.

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