Whom the Angels Named Lenore

My new lovebird's name is Lenore, and, as I said last night, she has already won me over.

She is very outgoing, already wanting me to let her out of the cage. She's presently sitting at the perch beside the cage door chirping at me. If I were to walk over to the cage, she'd get on the door, trying to get my attention.

On the way home yesterday, we stopped to see a friend, so I had a chance to take Lenore out of her travel cage for a little bit. She was perfectly happy to come out and meet people. She discovered that she rather likes my long hair and will bite it or hide in it.

She is very playful and curious. She will lay on her back on the floor of her cage while playing with her toys. It's so funny.

The only thing I don't like that she does is biting or, rather, nibbling. She doesn't bite down hard, but she bites EVERYTHING. I think it's partly her age, partly her personality, and partly the fact that she is a lovebird. I knew about this before getting her, as the breeder had told me. Because I have previous experience with birds and already have a lovie, she felt confident that I could handle it, and I can. I know how to deal with bitey animals (I have one biting me right now--Delilah).

Oh, and if you're wondering about the title of this post, it comes from one of my favourite Edgar Allen Poe poems, "The Raven". I named Lenore after this, and, in a way, a Beatles song. You see, Digby rhymes with Rigby, as in Eleanor Rigby, and Lenore rhymes with Eleanor, so I have Lenore and Digby instead of Eleanor and Rigby.


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