Digby just ate...


Not that I condone birds eating pizza.

We were eating some late night pizza after having spent the day Christmas shopping. I had Digby out and was allowing him to sit on my shoulder while I ate because I haven't been able to get him out very much the past couple days. So, while I'm sitting there eating my pizza with Digby sitting on my shoulder, I decided to try something. I start saying stuff like "Yum" and "Mmmm". Digby keeps getting closer and closer, so I held the pizza towards him a little just to see what he would do.

And he reached over and took a nibble from my pizza! I let him do it a couple more times before I tore off a piece of the crust for him, which he happily ate.

I really don't want him eating pizza, but I am thrilled that he finally ate something other than seed!


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