Welcome to the Chaotic Zoo

My name is Bethany. I am a college student majoring in biology, and planning on getting a master's in marine biology. I have had pets and loved animals my whole life. I have (or my family has) had dogs, birds, cats, fish, reptiles, a horse, and several others.

Currently, we have three cats, five dogs, one bird, three turtles, one bearded dragon, two guinea pigs, one crawdad, three saltwater aquariums (which have their own blog, located here: Winged's Tanks), and a horse. Each and every one of these pets is special and loved. We do our best to give them the best care we can. As anybody with a pet can tell you, each day is different, and each day, they do something to make you smile.

This blog is about our pets and other animals we encounter. Things I learn will be shared here, as will some day to day adventures with our animals and our lives. I may also include things about other areas of my life, but the primary focus will, of course, be the animals.

Feel free to come along for the ride and share your own thoughts or comments.


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