In Atlanta

We are currently in Atlanta, Georgia. We're down here to pick up my new lovebird. I'll get her tomorrow morning.

Today, though, we went to the Georgia Aquarium. I've been dying to go there for months, ever since I found out they had whale sharks back in February or March. Last month, I also found out they had manta rays. So, we decided to go there today since we were coming to Atlanta anyway.

The aquarium was awesome, and blows the socks off of the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. It's better, too, than the Newport Aquarium, the closest aquarium to my house.

The Georgia Aquarium has the largest indoor aquarium. It is over 6.3 MILLION gallons of water. That's just ONE tank. This is the exhibit that houses the whale sharks (they have four), the manta rays (they have four of those, too), and literally thousands of other fish. They also had an amazing reef tank, with many corals like the ones we have in our tanks at home, only much, much bigger.

A Manta ray from below
An adorable otter

Weedy sea dragon

A Manta ray swimming with a scuba diver

I stupidly left my camera at home, so all the pictures I took were with my phone. We'll be going back because my dad didn't get to come with us, and I want to scuba dive with the sharks and rays. I got my certification in October and I want to use it!

(In case you didn't already notice, you can click on all the pictures to see a bigger version.)


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