I started some sprouts yesterday. I hadn't planned on trying to get Digby to eat any until tomorrow. But, while I was rinsing them this morning, Digby was in his cage chirping his let-me-out-of-my-cage-chirp. So I got him out and put him on the perch while I was in the kitchen.

Just for fun, I decided to go ahead and try to get him to eat them. I put Digby on my shoulder and took a bite of the sprouts, then put a few pieces beside him. He ignored them. So, I put him back on his perch and got some cereal for myself. I started eating my cereal and put a few sprouts on his perch. While I was eating, he ate the sprouts! He didn't care much for the lentils (mostly because he kept dropping them) or the mung beans (too big), but he ate all of the quinoa and millet I gave him.

I have totally found the secret to getting Digby to eat other stuff. :)


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