I got home from Florida yesterday afternoon. I had a lot of fun being in Florida and caring for somebody else's birds. I also decided one my first choice for a graduate school--Nova Southeastern University. I looked at a couple other schools, too. I liked them a lot, but really liked Nova.

My own birds certainly missed me (well, except Sydney, who doesn't really care much for me...we're still working on that). While I was gone, Lenore refused to come out of his cage for my mom unless Digby was also out. Digby was mostly good, but bit my mom on the ear once and made it bleed. When I got home, I went to say hi to them. Lenore came out of his cage right away for me. Digby didn't really want to at first. I think she was mad that I had been gone. Today, she is back to her happy self.

But the animal that really missed me was my cat Delilah. She has hardly left my side since I've been home. Last night, she slept on my chest. At least, I'm assuming that's where she slept. She was there when I fell asleep and there when I woke up. Even right now, she is laying beside me.

I had an awesome time in Florida, but I am quite happy to be home.


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