Avian Avenue Sidewalk Sale

Avian Avenue, the fantastic bird forum I'm a member of, is having a sidewalk sale. They've had these in the past, but this is the first since I've joined the forum. A bunch of vendors offer sales to members of the forums.

Last week, they announced the dates of the sale. The sale will take place 10 June-12 June. Friday, they announced which vendors will be having sales. There were three stores I was hoping would participate and all three of them are.

For now, I'm just planning on stocking up on some food. If, by next weekend, I have more money to spend on the birds, I'll also be buying some other stuff. I'd love to place an order at Things for Wings, and I'd also like to try some food from Avian Organics.

I'll have to make a list of what I need to buy and what I want to buy.


  1. HungryBird said...

    It's the cruelest form of torture. I'm trying to figure out how much to spend and where. I think the bare minimum is an order from Avian Organics and from The Birdsafe Store because both stores have things I really need. If I have extra money I really want to place an order with Grey Feather Toys.

  2. BethySue said...

    I ended up not buying anything. I have to pay my horse's board this week. I'm trying to sell him and I was really hoping that I would sell him last week. It didn't happen. *sigh* Maybe next SWS.

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