All of the Zupreem Pellets are Gone

For those who have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember that I had a container of Zupreem Natural pellets that Digby and Lenore both refused to eat. I wasn't too upset that they refused them as it forced me to research pellets and pick a much, much better one (Totally Organics Pellets is what I feed now when I feed pellets).

But for some reason, I had been hanging onto these pellets. Maybe I was keeping them in case of an emergency. Maybe I just didn't want to throw away food that I had spent money on and wasn't spoiled. Most of the time when I made bird bread, I'd toss some Zupreem pellets in the batter just to use them.

However, while I was in Florida, my mom threw out the pellets. She called me to tell me she had gotten the container out, forgetting about the other pellets still in the bag. She started to get some pellets out and saw something absolutely nasty.

She saw weevils in the food! I am glad that she's the one that discovered it and not me. She took the entire container outside and threw away the weevil-infested food.

Now, to be clear, I don't think the weevils are from the pellets. I think the weevils are from one of two small bags of seed mix that were in the container along with the pellets, but I'm not sure which one. The more likely one is the one that I got from a bulk bin at one of the pet stores because I had nothing else (not doing that again!). The other seed mix that was in there was...I can't remember the brand. It came in a red bag and was also bought because I needed to buy some locally (not buying that brand again either...I didn't like it anyway).

This food wasn't being used, which is why I never saw them. But the fact that there were weevils in the food grosses me out. I think I may have to start storing bird food in the fridge or freezer. 


  1. HungryBird said...

    Yuck! That's why I am so particular about which pellets and seeds I buy! I think the problems are more often seen in seeds and I agree with you that the weevils most likely came from there. When I first got Squeaky I didn't know anything about proper bird nutrition and I remember one time I bought a bag of seed (forgot the name, bought it from Petco) and it was already infested. That prompted my internet search on bird food and the rest is history.

    I haven't bought any seeds in a while but I used to buy Volkman all the time and never had any problems with their seed. Avian Organics makes great seed mixes too and I am thinking of trying the seed mixes made by Totally Organic Pellets as I'm sure their seeds will be fresh.

    I don't store bird food in the freezer but now that I have a whole fridge all to myself I keep certain food packages in there after they have been opened. I also only buy 1lb bags of pellets but am starting to think I may stop offering pellets as much.

  2. BethySue said...

    I'm thinking about trying Totally Organics seed as well, or maybe Volkman's. I also only buy the small bag of pellets now as I don't use very much.

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