Happy Father's Day

Yesterday, my mom and I went shopping for a couple Father's Day presents for my dad. We got home and he was trying to figure out what we got him by asking us where we went. I told him we went to Kroger and he asked what we got. I told him we got apple cider vinegar and rice (our main purpose was to get a couple of cards for him).

After some back and forth with him while he was trying to figure out what else we got, he finally asked, "What is apple piper vinegar?" I corrected him, telling him it was "apple cider vinegar." He asked what I got that for. I told him I got it mostly for the birds, that I put it in the water sometimes and I use it when I sprout seeds for them, and that it's also useful for making fruit fly traps (the fruit flies have been horrible this year).

He could not understand why I would make my birds drink something like that. I told him it kills bacteria. He thought that sounded like a good idea and asked if I put it in the dogs' water too. When I told him no, he wanted to know why.

Dad: So why don't you put it in the dogs' water?

Me: It would take a lot of it because the dogs' have big water dishes.

Dad: But aren't the dogs just as important as the birds?

Me: Yes, but birds have a more sensitive immune system than dogs.

Dad: You know so much stuff about that sort of stuff that it's scary.

Me: *blank look, wanting to facepalm* Well, I am a biology major, you know?

I also pointed out to him that I just took a microbiology class earlier this year and took two different zoology classes. He just laughed and told me I had a good point.

In other news, Bella, my German shepherd, turns 8 years old tomorrow. My puppy is getting old. She has grey hairs on her muzzle.


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